• We are Welldum Studio

  • Our core teams are from
    Silcon Valley and BAT

  • We provide fullstack
    development service

About Us

We are passionate software geeks. We are excellent user experience experts.
We offer clients from Fortune 500 companies to startup with UI/UX design and
software delivery, pioneering tools and consulting services.

Business Acceleration

The Only Valuable Software is Production Software. To get it there faster, We help you Implement Agile, Test Automation and the right Automation Tooling, and transform your process to Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

Full Stack Development

Your users expect excellent service and interaction, tailored information, rich interaction and a multiplatform experience. By focusing on quality, feedback and client value, as true software craftsmen we help you develop great software systems and mobile applications that work for your business.

Cutting-Edge Technology

What works today will change tomorrow. You need to pioneer tools and services to react, respond and adapt instantaneously. From big data, docker containerization to machine learning, we surf the front wave of innovation to bring the latest, cutting edge technologies to your business advantage.

Our Services

We work closely with our clients to convert the ideas into reality,
to convert the technology into productivity and profit.


• Prototyping
• Product Design
• Visual Design
• UI Design
• Graphic Design
• Responsive Design

WebSite & Web App

• Custom Website
• Mobile Website
• Web Application
• Promotional H5 Page
• Wechat Official Account
• Third Platform Application

Software & Game

• iOS App
• Android App
• HTML5 Game
• Linux Software
• Mac OSX Software
• Windows Software

Our Solutions

• Big Data Operation
• Performance Optimization
• Docker Containerization
• Data Crawling & Mining
• Database Optimization
• DevOps Agile Practice

Our Works


LanXiong Sports

LanXiong Sports is a portal for sports startups in China.

It provides sports news, investors & projects information, events lists and job boards.

Jackery App

Jackery is an innovation battery solution company based in Silicon Valley.

Upon launching the app, you're immediately greeted with the Monitor screen. It shows you the remaining percentage of energy stored in your battery, the remaining time estimated before your device runs out of charge, and when the battery level will drop below 50 percent and 20 percent. It will also give you an estimate of what time to charge your iPhone again.

Letv Mall Mobile

LeMall is a fast-growing online retail store that offers state-of-the-art smart devices including Letv Bluetooth Speaker, Letv All-metal Earphones, Letv Wide-screen TVs etc.

1 Ask vs 1 Answer

1 Ask vs 1 Answer is an ask & answer community for undergraduate college students to sharpen their programming skills and find good jobs.

Directional Dash

Directional Dash is an addictive & intelligent puzzle game for iOS.

Yapza App

Yapza is a Path or Instagram like app but with its innovation points.

Yapza  App is a photo sharing application where every person has to share something before they can explore their friends latest posts. Yapza helps people stay in touch with their close friends and find out what they're up to as it is happening.


PicStreem is a personal media sharing application for Windows OS. You can share your local images, videos, pdfs etc., to the world easily.

3D Soccer Game

This 3d soccer game is based on irrlicht game engine. It works on Android Mobile Phones & Pads.

Core Teams

We are a group of internet veterans. Our core teams are from Silicon Valley and the BAT.

Mr. Won


Won used to work in Tencent and some large web portal of Silicon Valley. He is expert at mobile application development and large scale web architecture and development.

Mr. Wu


Wu graduated from Tsinghua university, and got his master degree from CAS. He has successfully forged many renowned internet products and brands.

Mr. Liang

Partner、Associate CTO

Liang used to work in some IoT companies like gemalto. He has many years' experiences on embeded software, IoT, security, and telecommunication, now he is focus on strong AI.

Mr. Zhao

Partner、Associate CTO

Zhao used to work as the principal developer of several products. He has many years' experiences on GIS and 3D game software development. He is expert at RIA and U3D game.

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